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The Shri Ram Hyderabad Schools





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LoEstro advises The Shri Ram Hyderabad Schools

The Shri Ram Hyderabad Schools are new-age schools with global learning standards. The Shri Ram Universal School, Hyderabad was the first establishment of The Shri Legacy in South India. The Shri Ram Universal School was established in 2017, offering CBSE curriculum, is considered as the topmost CBSE school in the city of Hyderabad. They announced the launch of their second school ‘The Shri Ram Academy’ continuing on the Shri Legacy in Hyderabad, The Shri Ram Academy would be a Day-Boarding School offering International Continuum Curriculum in partnership with the Shri Educare Limited.

LoEstro advised Shri Ram Hyderabad Schools in formulating right organisational structure, essentially including management, society, and property company. Helped in putting together a strategy for optimization of taxation amongst the parallel entities. Conducted a feasibility study for their new international campus “The Shri Ram Academy.”

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